Public Speaking Tips has an article featuring public speaking tips: 7 Powerful Public Speaking Tips From One of the Most-Watched TED Talks Speakers. If you feel like you could brush up on your speaking skills, this may be the article for you. Simon Sinek delivered TED Talks’ third most-watched presentation ever. Here are his top secrets for capturing, captivating and connecting with your audience. Source: 7 Powerful Public Speaking Tips From One of the Most-Watched TED Talks Speakers

Vue JS 2 Video Tutorial

I want to make a recommendation to anyone interested in learning Vue.js. If you are a video tutorial kind of learner, I encourage you to watch Laracasts’ Vue 2 Step-by-Step series.  Jefferey Way is an incredible teacher and will get you going in no time. I have watched several of his other tutorial series too.  I can say that he is a talented coder and a great teacher. Vue is easily one of the most exciting additions to the front-end world in many years. With its intuitive API, and the fact that it can be applied to any type of application, it’s no wonder whyRead More →

Toiler Paper Roll designs

I am loving the detail and work put into these toilet paper rolls. 16,788 points • 222 comments – Just toilet paper rolls. – IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to waste your time on Source: Just toilet paper rolls.

If you are the average website designer or developer, the word ‘security’ gives you an unshaken feeling. I know it has for me, that is until recently. I am by no means a security expert or novice. However, I want to do the very best I can for my clients and myself. I am willing to learn a little if it means I will achieve better security. Security Technologies Can Be Baffling But where do you start? The number of resources and initialisms in the world of IT and IS security is baffling. Here are just a few to scare you: DNS, DNSSEC, CAA, SMTP, STARTTLS,Read More →

The Great British Baking Show Judges - Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

Well, if you are like me, you can’t get enough of the Great British Baking Show: Masterclass as us American’s call it. I love the dynamic between judges/co-hosts Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. The only thing warmer than their friendship are the tasty cakes, breads and pasties coming out of their oven. I am planning on trying to make a few of their creations at home soon and found this website with the recipes for their bakes during the Masterclass series. Now I just have to convert the recipes and find equivalent ingredients in the States. I have already started studying up on caster sugarRead More →

Star trek Image

I can’t get enough of this stuff. How about you? We’re getting closer and closer, at long last, to Star Trek: Discovery’s arrival, and that means more and more glimpses of the show’s shiny new take on Star Trek past. Yesterday we got a new-and-improved look at the titular ship, but now we have a great look at the show’s new-old take on Star Trek’s iconic tech. Source: An Up-Close Look at Star Trek: Discovery’s Retro Future-Tech Image: CBS. Gif via Twitter.

Vue.js logo

Are you loving Vue.js too? You’ll be happy to know that version 2.4 is on the shelf, ready to be used with 4 all new features: Lazy Load Vue Components with Async. Inheriting Attributes in Wrapper Components Automatic resolving of ES modules’ default exports when dealing with async components HTML comment preservation I could go into a lot more detail, but suffice it to say, other people have done the heavy lifting for me. I recommend reading this article from Vue JS that goes into detail about these new features.