Star trek Image

I can’t get enough of this stuff. How about you? We’re getting closer and closer, at long last, to Star Trek: Discovery’s arrival, and that means more and more glimpses of the show’s shiny new take on Star Trek past. Yesterday we got a new-and-improved look at the titular ship, but now we have a great look at the show’s new-old take on Star Trek’s iconic tech. Source: An Up-Close Look at Star Trek: Discovery’s Retro Future-Tech Image: CBS. Gif via Twitter.Read More →

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Are you loving Vue.js too? You’ll be happy to know that version 2.4 is on the shelf, ready to be used with 4 all new features: Lazy Load Vue Components with Async. Inheriting Attributes in Wrapper Components Automatic resolving of ES modules’ default exports when dealing with async components HTML comment preservation I could go into a lot more detail, but suffice it to say, other people have done the heavy lifting for me. I recommend reading this article from Vue JS that goes into detail about these new features. More →

Meteor Forms

I am very happy to introduce our newest service, Meteor Forms. My team and I have worked very hard on building a down-to-earth form solution that is truly different from the form builders currently out on the Internet. Have a paper form that your office or team uses? Do you wish that your clients or customers could fill out an online form on your website, then your existing paper form would be filled out?  Well, your wishes have been granted. Meteor Forms is a no-work answer to your specific business need. Check out Meteor Forms today!Read More →